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It isn't essential to do a lot of reading before coming on the course, but these articles will help to prepare you for the approach that will be used. In any case, please revise any items of anatomy that are not fresh in your memory!

A. Modern acupuncture

  1. Basic facts
    The Origin of Modern Medical Acupuncture
    Is Acupuncture CAM?
    Where to Place the Needles and for How Long? (major revision 25 August 2018)

  2. More 'advanced' ideas
    Acupuncture, Touch, and the Placebo Response
    Acupuncture and the Limbic System
    Getting to Grips with the Brain

  3. Once you have registerd for the course you can download an e-book (epub or pdf) version of the course textbook.

B. Chinese medicine (if you are interested in this)

The Making of Modern Chinese Medicine 1850–1960
The Art of Medicine in Early China
The Expressiveness of the Body and the Divergence of Greek and Chinese Medicine

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