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Dumbing down Stonehenge

It seems the literature available at Stonehenge describing the site for visitors is to be dumbed down because it is thought to be too difficult. In future it will be aimed at people with a reading age of 10.

Actually, if a recent Timewatch programme is to be believed, the information contained in the literature is wrong anyway. There was never a wooden precursor of the later building; it was stone from the start. And it seems it was intended for the dead -- a kind of mausoleum. I suppose it was rather like the great burial sites constructed at much the same time in Malta.


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Ann on :

What book did you read that was so frustrating? I recently enjoyed the Stone Age Sentinel, and found it to at least contain more facts and quality than the daily newspapers they hand out in London. ;)

Anthony Campbell on :

It was just a comment on the radio news programme. Timewatch had a long programme about Stonehenge recently, with an archaeologist who claimed that the existing theories were wrong.

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