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Tiling window managers for X - Icewm and Ratpoison

Update: This discussion is out of date. I now use tiling WMs exclusively and my favourite is Spectrwm. Please see the tags for more details.

I'm a committed Linux user. I don't like desktop managers such as KDE, Gnome, or XFCE. I've no use for eye candy, background images, icons, and the rest, so I use the plainest window manager (WM) I can find that does the job, I've tried a lot of different ones in the past but have always come back to Icewm in the end. But lately I'm using it in a different way, to make it more similar tol Ratpoison.

Why Ratpoison? Most of the WMs I tried merely added stuff I didn't want. The one exception to this was the tiling WM family, like Ratpoison, dwm. or Lunchbox - there are quite a few. I like the idea of their simplicity and functionality. I did try some of them but most, apart from Ratpoison, were difficult to configure, and anyway, I decided that the tiling business wasn't much of an improvement on the stacking offered by Icewm.

Recently, while googling, I noticed that quite a lot of Ratpoison enthusiasts didn't tile at all but always worked fullscreen. That, I thought, would suit my style of working well, since I seldom need to see more than one application at a time. I do have Mutt and Iceweasel running but they were parked in workspaces of their own. Anyway, I installed Ratpoison again and ran it fullscreen, without tiling. I quickly realised that this was exactly what I wanted.

But things weren't perfect. Graphical programs such as the Gimp were said not to work very well in Ratpoison because of their floating windows. The solution suggested for this was to replace Ratpoison temporarily with another WM - Ratpoison has a command for this. That worked; I could swap back to Icewm for the moment. But then it occurred to me that if I ran my favourite Icewm fullscreen I would get almost the same effect as Ratpoison while preserving all the things I like about Icewm. So that's what I'm doing now.

Ratpoison, as the name implies, doesn't use the mouse at all. Icewm does allow the mouse but it is entirely usable without it; there are keyboard commands for everything. This suits me perfectly; I prefer to avoid the mouse whenever possible but there are times when it is useful to have it. So now I see only one application at a time, filling the whole screen; I can swap back and forth to any others that are open, mostly just using Alt-Tab. I hardly ever need to have more than one application visible, but occasionally it is useful to do so, for example when looking at a cheat sheet to remember keys or for copying stuff from one application to another (mouse needed here). For that purpose I have a second workspace available.

Previously I used to have seven workspaces, which was sometimes annoying if I couldn't remember where I'd opened something. Now I work in the same work space all the time but if, rarely, I want a second application to be visible, I swap across briefly to the other workspace (I've named them Main and Temp )

I realise that this setup wouldn't suit everyone but so far it does suit me, so I thought I'd share it.


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