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Telomeres - the latest "scientific"(?) way to tell your fortune

Today's Independent has a piece about having your telomeres measured. These sequences at the ends of chromosomes are alleged to give an indication of how far your biological age differs from your chonological age. The longer they are, the longer you are likely to live. The test is now available commercially; it's still expensive but is forecast to become increasingly cheaper in coming years, to the point where everyone will be able to afford it.

The one prediction I'm prepared to make is that it will be a money-spinner for the Spanish company that markets it. Professor Carol Greider, who won a Nobel Prize for her work on telomeres in 2009, is sceptical about the value of the test but that won't prevent many thousand or millions of people from taking it. Another egregious example of useless screening. Plenty more about this in my blog - search for "screening" with the search button on the right for links.


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