Acupuncture Articles

The Origin of Western Medical Acupuncture
Felix Mann's acupuncture revolution.

Is Acupuncture CAM?
Acupuncture is usually thought of as CAM, but the modern medical version ought to be part of mainstream medicine.

Tattooing and the Origins of Acupuncture
A possible explanation of how acupuncture may have developed.

Where to Place the Needles and for How Long? (Major revision 26-08-2018)
Different ways to choose where to place the needles.

Acupuncture. Touch, and the Placebo Response
There's more to acupuncture than the needles.

An Instructive Acupuncture Case
A long-term study.

Acupuncture and the Limbic System
The central area of the brain is important in acupuncture.

Getting to Grips with the Brain
A supplement to Acupuncture and the limbic system which I hope makes the basic anatomy easier to understand.